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With more than 900 million consumers, the continent of Africa is one of the world’s fastest growing markets. In Africa Rising, it revealed this remarkable marketplace as a continent with massive needs and surprising buying power; but what communication experts did not expect was the surge in massive information sprouting from each sector, industry, government from all kinds of sources.

Well before 2016, APO Group‘s founder had a vision of creating a unique platform to collect qualified sourced information. The mirage became a reality in February 2016, with Africa-newsroom.com. 

This next generation solution is used for press release distribution and integrated marketing dedicated to Africa. A first for Africa, Africa-Newsroom.com is the undisputed source of press releases and multimedia files. This powerful tool, publishes press releases, videos, photos, documents and audio-files for  high-quality, authoritative sources such as global fortune 1000 companies, reputable international and African based PR agencies, governments and international institutions.

Who receives the content? A compilation of APO Group’s closest network of 350,000 journalists, press agencies, bloggers and social networks. In addition, redistributing content consistently to over 250 African websites, Bloomberg Terminal, Thomson Reuters Terminal, Lexis Nexis, Dow Jones Factiva, and 250 Million mobile users voluntarily requesting news releases from the three major networks: Orange, Airtel and MTN.

Why use Africa-newsroom.com? First, its free for anyone. Second, it is the only professional place to get full range of content with multimedia in high quality with verified source.

What else can I find on Africa-newsroom.com? It operates as Corporate Press Office hosting platform for Africa-related content. Africa-Newsroom.com’s Press Offices are visually rich, custom landing pages mirroring the client’s organization  or product, displaying all social media feeds, and hosted on a sub domain customized to the client’s company name.

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