RESCONI Campaigns for Innovative Solutions in Forest Protection

Cocoa farmers in the Atwima Mponua District are being urged to embrace climate-smart farming practices as a means to enhance cocoa production in the region.

A Community Liaison Officer for the Resource Conservation Initiative (RESCONI), Kwame Kyere Pumpuni, emphasised the importance of this initiative in ensuring a sustainable livelihood for cocoa farmers.

He highlighted that such practices not only contribute to increasing cocoa yield but also play a significant role in combating child labour and trafficking within cocoa supply chains, while also aiding in forest protection and restoration efforts in cocoa-producing areas.

Pumpuni outlined RESCONI’s plans for future collaborations with various stakeholders, including the Forestry Commission (FC), Ghana Education Service (GES), district assemblies, local NGOs, and community leaders.

These collaborations aim to foster innovative solutions to promote forest protection and reforestation.

Recently, RESCONI, in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service (GES), the Atwima Mponua District Assembly, and the community of Anwiafutu, commemorated the International Day of Forests at the Anwiafutu D/A Basic School on March 21, 2024.

Under the theme “Forest and Innovation: New Solutions for a Better World,” the event brought together key figures such as the Assembly Member of the Anwiafutu Electoral Area, representatives of the Ghana Education Service, community opinion leaders, and school administrators.

The occasion featured interactive sessions focusing on topics such as the benefits of forests to human existence and the importance of sustainable forest management, aligning with the overarching theme of the event.

Participants engaged in discussions on pressing issues affecting the local forest ecosystem, including illegal mining, sand winning, and illegal logging activities in the Atwima Mponua District.

The RESCONI team seized the opportunity to educate attendees about the detrimental effects of these activities on the environment and human life, emphasising the need for collective action to address these challenges.

One notable outcome of the event was the establishment of an environmental club named “ADABS Environmental Club,” with students pledging to advocate for Sustainable Development Goals 13 (Climate Action), 15 (Life on Land), and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

Looking ahead, RESCONI reiterated its commitment to continued collaboration with stakeholders to foster community engagement in forest protection and reforestation activities.

RESCONI is dedicated to environmental awareness, climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainability challenges in extractive sectors, ecosystem conservation, and the protection of marginalised communities rights.

They work collaboratively with various stakeholders to address sustainability challenges and promote integrated solutions.

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