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AMG Fertilizers Ghana Ltd

Our History

It began with the desire of an enterprising young marketer, to impact the agric sector positively and make farmers happy. His priority was for every farmer to be able to adopt and apply appropriate practices, to produce high results by using enhanced specialized products, meeting their specific needs.

Breakthrough Partnerships And Developments

The evidence, that the crop nutrition landscape needed more indigenous actors to offer support and confidence to our farmers, increased the drive for local and international partnerships. This aimed to develop innovative and specific enhanced efficiency fertilizers solutions to meet the needs of different farmers groups, in different zones, with different climate systems and different needs.

From The Marketer – To The Innovative Fertilizer Technologies Manufacturer

The company, which commenced as a promoter of different crop nutrition brands, later rebranded, positioned and established as a manufacturer, producing different innovative solutions to meet specific farmer needs.

AMG’s Controlled release fertilizer technology makes the company’s offerings even more innovative and efficient.

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