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Cocoa Touton Processing Company Ghana Limited

Touton has been a major player in global cocoa trade for decades. In addition to sourcing cocoa beans and cocoa derivatives, Touton now also processes cocoa liquour in Ghana.

The cornerstone of the company’s cocoa business is our strong footing in the countries where the ingredients are grown, which allows us to maintain control over the supply of products from origin right up to delivery to customers around the world.

In 2015 Touton initiated its industrial development with the acquisition of a cocoa liquor factory in Tema, near Accra.

The Group has also signed a tolling agreement for cocoa butter, cake and powder with CPC factory, also based in Tema.

Through its historical purchases of cocoa beans, its investments and the presence of an experienced team on its production sites, the Group offers its customers a steady supply of quality products.


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