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ChoViva Is New Name For German Chocolate Alternative Nocoa

German chocolate-alternative product Nocoa has successfully rebranded as ChoViva, signalling readiness to appear on supermarket shelves.

ChoViva, which is produced by the Bavaria-based Planet A Foods, is said to usher in a ‘brand new era where conscious indulgence and environmental friendliness go hand in hand.’

Planet A Foods, co-founded by siblings Maximilian and Sara Marquart, says it is on a mission to conjure up an irresistible chocolate alternative that not only tastes fantastic but also treats the environment kindly.

“We believe that the world needs new ideas and impulses for a more sustainable way of dealing with food, whether it’s about production or consumption.

The idea behind ChoViva: we want to motivate people with joy to help us make a big difference. On our shared journey, even the tiniest step counts.

ChoViva is our contribution to offer an alternative to chocolate that’s accessible and convenient, all while keeping Mother Earth in mind.

The company said that through the unique combination of oats and sunflower seeds, it is creating a delectable treat that pampers the consumer’s taste buds as well as saves up to 90% of CO2 emissions.

Planet A Foods says it employs an innovative and patented manufacturing process that is quite close to traditional chocolate making, where its core ingredients – oats and sunflower seeds – undergo a similar treatment as cocoa beans, from a fermentation-like method to gentle roasting.

They then grind them in several steps to get a highly aromatic concentrate, which is then mixed with other ingredients.

“The result: a creamy, tender, and velvety mass that looks and tastes like chocolate and has the same manufacturing properties.”

The non-cocoa chocolate startup claims it uses up to 100% natural ingredients in its alt-choc product, and also has 30% less sugar and 94% less water in production compared to conventional chocolate.

Responding to questions about the taste of the product, the producers explained that ChoViva has a rich, chocolatey experience, but without cocoa.

“We discovered that it’s not only the cocoa beans that define the typical spectrum of chocolate flavours – the biggest part is developed by fermentation and roasting,” said Planet A Foods.

They added, “We’ve adapted this knowledge to local ingredients. And we’re not the only ones who find the result delicious – more and more manufacturers are producing with ChoViva! But it’s best to try it for yourself.”

The alt-choc startup says ChoViva is as versatile as chocolate and matches the standards in the confectionery industry, therefore, ideal for use in snack bars, baking applications, chocolate chip cookies and pralines.

“ChoViva is about to take over the chocolate world, and the first products featuring ChoViva instead of chocolate will soon be on supermarket shelves,” Planet A Foods said.

Kojo Hayford
Source Cocoa Post
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