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EU-funded Project Cocoblock Claims Traceability Success With Blockchain

Cocoblock, a digital solution developed by French NGO Nitidae, has demonstrated blockchain technology can contribute to better traceability of cocoa production in Ivory Coast.

Cocoblock blockchain, which according to Nitidae, was developed with the support of blockchain experts Gaiachain, successfully traced 500kg of cocoa from harvest to port.

“The project mapped the entire value chain, from harvest to port and integrated data on the various key stages into the blockchain. The farmers, who were trained on site and fully involved in the project, were able to test the technology under real conditions, involving the tracing of almost 500 kg of cocoa.”

The Cocoblock blockchain pilot project involved the Producteurs de cacao biologique de la Mé (PCBM), a cocoa farmer cooperative, whose 161 participating members were spread across 3 communities covering 306 hectares of farm plots.

The French NGO, Nitidae managed by Julien Gonnet, “believes that blockchain could provide a solution that would fight fraud and promote ethical production.”

The European Union (EU) funded the initiative with €60,000 through its Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation Agency (CTA) as part of a programme to promote the use of blockchain in agriculture.

The Cocoblock pilot span from February 2019 to April 2020.

“Despite the short duration of the project, Cocoblock blockchain has demonstrated that blockchain technology can contribute to better traceability of production at a micro level”, a blog post on the CTA website noted.

Kojo Hayford
Source Cocoa Post
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