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Bossman Owusu Appointed Solidaridad Country Rep For Ghana

Bossman Owusu has been appointed as Solidaridad’s country representative for Ghana. From January 2023, Bossman will be responsible for providing strategic and programmatic leadership and oversight of Solidaridad’s operations in Ghana.

This includes new business and partnership development, programme design and implementation for impact, quality assurance, human resource development and management, financial stewardship, corporate relations, communications, and administrative oversight.

“I deem it an outstanding privilege to lead and be part of a dedicated team focused on making real contributions to complement ongoing efforts to address some of the biggest challenges that face humankind such as poverty, climate change, biodiversity loss, growing inequalities, and fragile food systems,” said Bossman.

For over 18 years, Bossman has contributed to social change in the West African agroecological landscape working on inclusive pro-poor development interventions that strengthen community and producer resilience, improve market access, and promote production and consumption in balance with nature.

He has worked to strengthen corporate policies and organizational development, facilitate multi-stakeholder processes and strengthen partnerships, and optimize diversity and inclusivity collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver development impact.

“The sustainability issues that confront us today are irregular. They require brains that innovate, boots that walk the path of responsibility, and hands that steer the wheels inclusively in the right direction,” said Bossman.

Bossman joined Solidaridad in 2017 as a Knowledge Management Specialist to provide implementation support and leadership to the five-year, World Bank-funded climate action: the Ghana Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Local Communities. In 2018, he was appointed Head of Communications for West Africa, a position he held until December 2022.

Bossman Owusu is part of senior management in West Africa and a member of the Regional Leadership Team. He has contributed to key strategic decisions, policy setting, review, and alignment for effective programme delivery, corporate accountability, and tightening of internal controls.

Bossman has vast experience working closely and building partnerships with communities, government agencies, civil society (NGOs), multilateral development organizations, the private sector, the media, and other actors.

Prior to joining Solidaridad, Bossman worked for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ghana as a Communications Analyst.

He began his career with Tropenbos International Ghana (now Tropenbos Ghana Programme), where he served as a Project Officer for many natural resource management interventions, and later as a Communications Officer and a member of the Programme Management Unit.

He has represented the interests of organizations on high-level platforms and contributed to the development of funding opportunities and investment decisions in the West Africa sub-region.

Bossman holds an MSc in Management of Agroecological Knowledge and Social Change from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and a BSc in Natural Resources Management (Forestry option) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana.

He holds several certifications in leadership, organizational development, climate action and communications, and has dozens of publications to his credit.

Source Solidaridad Network
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