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Chocolate Contest: French Scheme To Award Chocolates From Origin Countries

There is a great opportunity for chocolatiers who process their chocolates at the country of origin to present their products for an award in Paris this May 2021.

The AVPA Chocolates Processed at Origin contest will pave way for almost all cocoa-producing countries to be represented by their exceptional chocolates.

The AVPA – Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products – has for 18 years held contests for exceptional products made in origin countries for roasted coffee, teas and vegetable oils.

The competition is reserved for chocolate makers or their groups for which AVPA will propose a richer classification than the usual classifications in order to allow the expression of all tastes found in chocolate made in cocoa-producing countries.

“It must be said that this contest comes at a time when a major movement of local processing of raw material is undeniably taking place. This development reflects the desire of local actors to regain control over their productions”, AVPA said.

“Latin America is reviving its very powerful pre-Columbian tradition. This continent is sending us products that are too often ignored by European palates. This is also true for Africa and Asia where an emerging local market can finally afford to consume what was until now only an export product,” it continued.

AVPA says it is making the move to allow a larger share of the value chain benefit producing countries as products processed by farmers themselves or at least in association with them is the best way to obtain exceptional quality.

Participants will be able to assess their product strengths in comparison with other producers, obtain global recognition and garner expert review on product acceptance in the French and European markets.

The contest will also offer participants leverage in sales on the European and international markets.

The Contest results are expected to be announced in June after the ”technical Jury led by Chloé Doutre, will have the tremendous task of classifying, scoring, and presenting to the gastronomic jury samples for which our jurors will rediscover what makes the honour of AVPA: a rigorous methodology which gives to each product the possibility of expressing the best of its abilities if no new pandemic restrictions emerge,” the AVPA said in a release copied to Cocoa Post.

AVPA is a non-governmental organisation, mainly composed of producers and taste enthusiasts with the objective of promoting agricultural producers who more often than not are forgotten during the marketing cycle.

Daniel Lartey
Source Cocoa Post
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