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How Yara Ghana Confirmed Market Leadership At Ghana Cocoa Awards 2020

Yara Ghana Limited picked a double at the Ghana Cocoa Awards 2020 to reinforce its market leadership in the Agro Input segment of the cocoa value chain in Ghana.

Securing the Agro Input Company of the Year award for the second time running, Yara Ghana added another as the Agro Input Brand of the Year 2020 with its premium product – Yara Cocoa Fertilizer.

Leading the agro input market within Yara Cocoa Fertilizer brand are the “Asaase Wura” cocoa fertilizer and YaraLiva Nitrabor, which are touted to have helped thousands of farmers to improve soil fertility and thereby increasing crop yield and income.

Managing Director of Yara Ghana Limited, Mr Danquah Addo-Yobo, was excited at the recognition and believed it confirms Yara Ghana’s contribution to the cocoa sector, particularly to crop yield and quality and farmers’ earnings.

“We are very proud to have picked the Agro Input Company of the Year. In the maiden edition [Ghana Cocoa Awards 2019] we won that as well. So it’s a reinforcement or confirmation of what we have been doing. And we are also very confident in the brand that we run, so it’s not surprising to us that the industry actually recognised the strong brand as well”, Mr Addo-Yobo noted.

Yara Ghana Limited, Ghana Cocoa Awards, Ghana Cocoa,
The Yara Ghana team display the two awards bagged at Ghana Cocoa Awards 2020. Seated is the MD of Yara Ghana Limited, Mr. Danquah Addo-Yobo.

The Ghana Cocoa Awards jury scored Yara Cocoa Fertilizer as the most visible brand having successfully created deep affinity with patrons – cocoa farmers and the cocoa industry in general.

The recognition was also for contributing enormously to cocoa crop production through the supply of effective agro input of all forms as approved by COCOBOD.

Yara as part of its commitment to agriculture, gathered scientific information on many crops grown around the world.

“Together with the practical experience of Yara’s agronomists it gives Yara a comprehensive understanding of the nutritional needs of these crops including cocoa”, the company said.

According to the company sources, at a time when the idea on fertilization for cocoa was not popular, Yara drawing on its knowledge and expertise in collaboration with the COCOBOD and after several years of trials and research in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire launched the first cocoa fertilizer in Ghana called Asaase Wura in 2005.

This venture changed the face of the cocoa industry and heralded in a new era of cocoa fertilization that has helped increase the country’s yield and provide sustainability showing Yara Ghana’s commitment to and believe in growing the industry in Ghana.

The brand has also Introduced a new value and exciting market appeal along with Crop Clinics and training programmes that reaches thousands of cocoa farmers every year through the Healthier Cocoa Campaigns. Over 30,000 farmers have been trained over the past three years.

According to Yara Ghana Limited, “Data gathered from our several demonstrations conducted with cocoa farmers has consistently shown an average percentage yield increase of 50% for the plots that had Asaase Wura and Nitrabor applied as compared to the regular farmer practice. This has also led to increased farmer incomes”.

Yara has a high standard of packaging in terms of quality, durability and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Our product bags are laminated, UV protected and has an inner lining to ensure the integrity of the product is not compromised.


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