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Scientist Extols Sexual Stimulant Properties Of Dark Chocolate, Bitter Cocoa

A scientist and former Executive Director of the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG), Dr Isaac Yaw Opoku, has extolled the benefit of dark chocolate and bitter cocoa as a sexual stimulant.

According to Dr Opoku, studies have established that cocoa is top among foods that possess properties that are beneficial as a mood booster and sexual stimulant.

The expert said polyphenol-rich dark chocolates and unsweetened cocoa are able to boost blood flow and also enhance libido.

The scientist was reported by DailyGuide Network to have said drinking unsweetened cocoa could increase one’s sexual desire, noting that patrons of the superfood can bear “ample testimony.”

Dr Isaac Opoku, who is also a legislator, recently made an animated statement on the floor of the Ghanaian parliament in support of weeklong activities to promote cocoa consumption in the West African country.

Besides the aphrodisiac claims for cocoa foods, Dr Opoku said cocoa powder may be able to lower one’s blood pressure, may improve brain health and reduce the risk of dementia and stroke.

“Mr Speaker, Boston-based researchers have reported that the polyphenols and flavanols in cocoa powder are also anti-inflammatory, which may help improve your heart health,” he emphasised.

He also said flavonoids in cocoa may be able to specifically prevent blood clots and build up from blocking blood flow in your vessels and arteries, preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases, adding “cocoa consumption may help with skincare.”

Again, according to Dr Opoku, the daily consumption of cocoa can help reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases like cancer, the second leading cause of death in the world.

“However, scientists have discovered a substance that can help your body fight free radical damage, lower oxidative stress and cancer risks. These powerful plant compounds are found in dark-coloured fruits and vegetables like raspberries, blueberries, kale and cocoa beans,” Dr Opoku noted.

For him, cocoa consumption can help with weight loss, and said, “If losing weight is your main goal when following a keto diet, you may be able to use cocoa powder as part of your weight loss plan, Cocoa has been shown to help lower obesity-related inflammation, suppress appetite, feel fuller for longer, prevent fat storage and increase fat burning.”

The former Executive Director of CRIG further stated that the consumption of cocoa can promote better dental health, adding “one review showed that Theobromine, which is present in cocoa, can protect your tooth enamel and strengthen your teeth.”

Kojo Hayford
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