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China’s Hainan Cocoa Makes International Cocoa Awards Shortlist

China’s cocoa beans produced from the island province of Hainan has been selected among the 50 best entries in Bioversity International’s 2021 Cocoa of Excellence competition.

The finalist entries will go on to compete for honours in this year’s International Cocoa Awards at the Salon du Chocolat slated for October in Paris, France.

China made its single entry under the Experimental Sample category which it shares with Papua New Guinea and Uganda.

The entry was submitted by Zhong Chu of the Hainan Xingke Tropical Crops Engineering Technology Co. LTD, Dalu Town, Qionghai, Hainan.

In October 2020, the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (CATAS) on South China’s island province of Hainan announced it had successfully exported cocoa beans to Belgium for the first time.

China’s first batch of 500 kg of cocoa beans produced in Xinglong, a township of Hainan with a tropical climate, was reportedly sold for 3,044 Euros (about $3,600), according to China Daily.

“Cocoa is a raw material for making chocolate. With the increasing demand for chocolates, Hainan has been expanding its cocoa planting area and making breakthroughs in technological development,” said Hao Zhaoyun, a researcher with CATAS.

“As Belgium is dubbed ‘kingdom of chocolates,’ exports to the country indicate that our cocoa production standards have been recognized by the international community,” Hao added.

Cocoa is mainly produced in tropical regions such as West Africa. Hainan is the most northerly cultivator of cocoa in the world.

By participating in the Cocoa of Excellence programme China is asserting itself as a bonafide member of the league of cocoa-producing countries.

In a statement congratulating the finalists Bioversity International, organisers of the programme acknowledged that “this and last year have been particularly challenging for cocoa producers.”

“The quality of samples increases at each Edition. We appreciate the hard work of all participating producers to produce high quality,” the organisation noted.

To ensure their continuous improvement, Bioversity International intends to send a detailed feedback report to all 235 participants at the end of the Edition.

The Cocoa of Excellence Programme is a global competition to recognise the work of cocoa farmers and celebrate quality, flavour diversity and unique origins.

By bringing together leading sensory evaluation experts, the chocolate industry and the next generation of cocoa pioneers, Cocoa of Excellence rewards cocoa with superior and unique flavours.

The finals will be held in Paris, France, alongside Salon du Chocolat to shine the international spotlight on the work of cocoa farmers, and the diversity of cocoa around the world.

The Cocoa of Excellence (CoEx) Programme, a biennial event, spearheaded by Bioversity International (now the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT) and Salon du Chocolat recognizes the quality, flavour and diversity of cocoa according to their origin.

The organisers say cocoa diversity is vital for production, as it provides different flavours, resistance to pests and diseases, and resilience in climate changes.

They explained that providing incentives for safeguarding cocoa diversity to farmers and national organizations ensures a portfolio of options remain available for the future.

Below is the full list by Country, Name of Producer, Location, type of samples and original code:

  • Australia, Darryl Kirk, Shannonvale, Mossman, Far North Queensland, Commercial Sample No. ACF2021

  • Bolivia, Barbarita Ayala Chao, Comunidad San Juan Del Urucú, Beni, Municipio De Riberalta -Beni, Commercial Sample No. M01-A88-BO-BE-RB-BACH

  • Bolivia, Comunidad – Santa Anita, Yuracare, D8/Cochabamba, Tco – Yuracare, Commercial Sample No. M04-B85-BO-CBBA-TCO-Y-SA

  • Brazil, Angélica Maria  Tavares Lima Fernandes, Uruçuca, Bahia, Northeast, Commercial Sample No. 1784

  • Brazil, João Dias Tavares Neto, Uruçuca, Bahia, Northeast, Commercial Sample No. 1785

  • Brazil, João Evangelista, Novo Repartimento, Pará, North, Commercial Sample No. 1816

  • Cameroon, Cooperative COOP CA EXPLADI, Nkondjock, Nkam, Littoral, Commercial Sample No. CMR-05

  • China, Zhong Chu – Hainan Xingke Tropical Crops Engineering Technology Co. LTD, Dalu Town, Qionghai, Hainan, Experimental Sample No. ZYP-6-8

  • Colombia, Alex Antonio Ayala Aleman, Valencia, Cordoba, Commercial Sample No. FEDE006

  • Cote d’Ivoire, Koffi kré Dongo, Tanda, Gontougo, Commercial Sample No. E8TAN

  • Dominican Republic, Specialty Cocoa Nunez, San Francisco De Macoris, Mata Larga, Villa Rivas, Laguna Ecoto, La Salsa, Los Ancones, Los Tabucos. Gran Parada., Provincia Duarte, Commercial Sample No. COOPCANOR

  • Dominican Republic, Cafin SAS, Batero, La Cueva, Commercial Sample No. Magdalena COE 2021

  • Ecuador, Jorge Cecilio Marun Ramirez, Babahoyo, Mata De Cacao, Costa, Commercial Sample No. CEEC 217

  • El Salvador, Cooperativa Barra Ciega, Canton Tonala, Sonsonate, Occidental, Commercial Sample No. IIICOEX027

  • Ghana, Seth Opoku Yirenkyi, Tetekasum Amanfrom, Suhum, Eastern, Commercial Sample No. GH01

  • Ghana, Charlse Oppong, Amanfrom, Suhum, Eastern, Commercial, Sample No. GH03

  • Ghana, Offinso Fine Flavour Cooperative, Offinso, Offinso South Municipal, Ashanti, Commercial Sample No. GH09

  • Guatemala, Maria Elena Valenzuela Schellenberg, Cuyotenango, Suchitepequez, Sur Oriente, Commercial Sample No. GT001

  • Hawaii, Will Lydgate, Kapa’A, Commercial Sample No. 51220

  • Hawaii, Gunars Valkirs, Lahaina, Ahupuaa Kuia, West Maui, Commercial Sample No. MKE-1819

  • Indonesia, PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII, Krembangan, Surabaya, East Java, Commercial Sample No. IND07

  • Madagascar, TMAR, Ambodimanga, Ambanja, Diana, Commercial Sample No. CNCMDG02

  • Madagascar, Aly Robert, Antsatsaka, Ambanja, Diana, Commercial Sample No. CNCMDG04

  • Madagascar, FOFIFA, Ambanja, Ambanja, Diana, Experimental Sample No. CNCMDG06

  • Malaysia, Sik Kim Soon, 18400 Temangan, Machang, Kelantan, Commercial Sample No. COEX21-011

  • Malaysia, Poimon Dangkat, Kota Marudu, Sabah, Malaysia, Commercial Sample No. COEX21-013

  • Mexico, José María Pascacio Muñoz, Barrio Benito Juarez-La Rioja, Cacahoatán, Soconusco, Commercial Sample No. 916

  • Nicaragua, Cooperativa Flor de La Dalia, La Dalia Matagalpa, La Dalia Matagalpa, Commercial Sample No. eL4fCU

  • Panama, Meivis Ortiz y productoras asociadas, Ojo De Agua, Almirante, Bocas Del Toro, Commercial Sample No. CEL 1220-02

  • Panama, Forest Finance Panama S.A., Nuevo Paraiso, Bocas Del Toro, Bocas Del Toro, Commercial Sample No. Muestra 1

  • Panama, Forest Finance Panama S.A., Los Caucheros, Bocas Del Toro, Bocas Del Toro, Commercial Sample No. Muestra 2

  • Papua New Guinea, Jeffery Banaga, Popondeta, Ijivitari District, Momase Region, Commercial Sample No. PNG-04

  • Papua New Guinea AROB, ABG Kubu DPI Research Station, Buka Town, North Bougainville, PNG Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Experimental Sample No. Sample C

  • Peru, Cooperativa Agraria Norandino Appagrop Quemazon, Cpm La Quemazon S/N, San Juan De Bigote – Morropon, Piura, Commercial Sample No. 001-CNCC

  • Peru, Efrain Puma Champi, Koribeni, La Convencion Echarate, Cusco, Commercial Sample No. 007-CNCC

  • Peru, Cooperativa Agraria ACOPAGRO , C.P. La Libertad, San Rafael/ Provincia: Bellavista, San Martin, Commercial Sample No. 008-CNCC

  • Philippines, Arthur Lagoc, Davao City, Davao Region, Commercial Sample No. P013

  • Philippines, Christopher Fadriga, Bago City, Negros Occidental, Region Vi, Experimental Sample No. P027

  • Philippines, Carlos Barsicula, San Isidro, Davao Del Norte, Davao Region, Commercial Sample No. P032

  • Puerto Rico, José Martínez-Cruzado, Maricao, Commercial Sample No. 6

  • Puerto Rico, Yadira Vázquez, Fajardo, Bo. Naranjo, Pr 00738, Commercial Sample No. 7

  • Taiwan, Rui-Min Su, Wandan Township, Pingtung, Commercial Sample No. TWCC-02

  • Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili Ltd. Mbingu Sister, Mama Rehema, Sarah Maglass, Mbingu Ward, Mlimba District, Morogoro Region, Commercial Sample No. ML2020-182 Women’s Lot

  • Togo, Yawo Semanu Dzitri, Agou, Gadza, Plateaux Ouest, Commercial Sample No. N° 0001-2021-UTCC-TG

  • Togo, Kodjo Etsonu, Amlamé, Amou, Plateaux, Commercial Sample No. N° 0003-2021-UTCC-TG

  • Togo, Kokou Toulassi, Efoupkani, Wawa, Plateaux, Commercial Sample No. N° 0005-2021-UTCC-TG

  • Trinidad and Tobago, Farmers from Four Roads Tamana Cocoa Association Lyncoln Salandy, Sangre Grande, Tamana, St. George East, Commercial Sample No. 1120200411

  • Trinidad and Tobago, Winthrop Harewood, Princes Town, Tableland, Victoria, Commercial Sample No. 1120201701

  • Trinidad and Tobago, Annette Mills, Arima, Aripo, St. George East, Commercial Sample No. 1220201006

  • Uganda, Gideon Katuramu, Bundibugyo, Bundibugyo Ditrivt, Buganikire, Experimental Sample No. UGA-002

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